Building Upon Social Skills


What are Social Skills?

Social skills are skills needed to communicate and thrive in life during everyday social interactions. This includes specific skills such as; receptive and expressive language, verbal and non-verbal language, and much, MUCH more!

Most schools do not focus enough attention on these vital tools, which are necessary to thrive in society! Also, many children experienced significant setbacks during the recent school closures! Due to these reasons and many more… we developed a program specifically designed to enhance Social Skills!

We call it… S.T.R.I.D.E (Socializing and Taking Responsibility In Developing Excellence)

Benefits Of STRIDE

The benefits of developing social skills truly are endless! This is a vital aspect of growing up and mostly automatic for many adults. However, it’s all taught or learned at some point through a person’s youth.

Included With STRIDE

Six –
Weekly Sessions

Fun, interactive, and engaging

  1. Each session is designed to promote positive social interaction
  2. Teaches effective use of social skills in a variety of real-life situations
  3. All lessons are taught using real examples of what children experience based on their age level
Each Session Is Lead By A Special Education Expert

Receive specialized instruction

  1. Each instructor is trained and experienced in working with children who struggle in social environments
  2. Each individual receives specialized instruction based on their individual needs
  3. Our team of educators understands the unique learning styles of children and is able to effectively teach individuals within a small group setting

Total One-Time Cost: $149


"I was struggling to get the school district to keep me abreast with the academics for my 16-year-old son who is on the autism spectrum. SER has helped tremendously to capture his strengths and continue with progress backed by science and analytics. They truly try and take a child-centric approach. The tutors have been knowledgeable and competent but also wonderful human beings. Highly recommended wish I had partnered sooner."
Sheena A.
"THANK YOU! You both have such a positive attitude with all these students. When there is a problem or a situation, you both know how to deal with it in a positive matter. That is difficult when there are soo many different types of needs for each student.
This will be Robbie's third 6-week session with Stride. He loves it! He really looks forward to every Thursday. He has made soo many friends through Stride. This has been a blessing. Since Covid hit, Robbie has lost his Scout troop and lost the routine for in-school friendships. Thank goodness for Stride. Robbie has so much fun talking to the students and Mary. "
Rachel Z.

Requirements Of STRIDE Participants

  1. Computer or Tablet
  2. Reliable Internet
  3. Webcam or Built-In Computer/Tablet Camera
  4. Audio
    1. Headset
    2. Computer Speakers And Microphone

Next Book Club Starting Date:

  • Date: January 17th, 2024

Available dates:

Starting Monday, October 16th, 2023