SER Book Club

Building Upon Reading Skills


What is SER Book Club?

In an online environment like the one we are experiencing today,

the number one thing children miss is the ability to socialize with their peers! Recognizing this massive void, one of our special education experts, Melissa, came up with the idea of an interactive book club! After running various pilots of online group learning sessions, this idea has finally come to fruition!

Introducing SER Book Club 2023!

How does SER Book Club Work?

ER Book Club is a six-week program and designed to be all-inclusive. Each week, your child’s group will meet at a designated time using Zoom. Each session is led by a Special Education Expert and will include a small group of your child’s peers from around the world.

Each member of the group is hand-selected based on a multitude of components to ensure they’re with peers of similar age and ability levels. Likewise, the special education expert leading the group is selected based on their grade level expertise (High school teachers work with higher groups, etc.).

The book for each group is carefully selected by the instructor based on their expertise within their designated grade level. Once selected, the book will be ordered and shipped directly to your home.

The best part? Your child will be working with an expert who is able to offer Individualized instruction within the small group setting! This approach is done utilizing various strategies they’ve learned through years of special education experience!

Benefits Of SER Book Club

The benefits of reading are truly endless! Too often, new (or struggling) readers view reading as a chore, not a chosen activity. Book Clubs help to change that mentality. Here are some of the benefits we have witnessed;

Included With SER Book Club

Six –
Weekly Sessions

Fun, interactive, and

  1. Each session designed to promote accountability in reading comprehension
  2. Each session is fun, interactive, and engaging for struggling learners
  3. Fosters the desire to read for enjoyment
One Physical Copy Of
The Book

Book is decided by the special education expert

  1. Shipped directly to your doorstep
  2. The book is decided by the special education expert
  3. Ability to mark areas in the book your child wishes to discuss
Each Session Is Lead By A Special Education Expert

Receive specialized

  1. Each instructor is trained and experienced in working with challenged readers
  2. Offers the ability for children to receive specialized instruction
  3. Understands unique learning styles of children, and customizes as needed

Total One-Time Cost: $149

Requirements Of SER Book Club Participants

  1. Computer or Tablet
  2. Reliable Internet
  3. Webcam or Built-In Computer/Tablet Camera
  4. Audio
    1. Headset
    2. Computer Speakers And Microphone

Next Book Club Starting Date:

  • Date: January 17th, 2024

Available dates:

  • Date: January 17th, 2024