The Math Workshop

Building A Solid Foundation In Math Skills


What is The Math Workshop?

With the increasing amount of instruction taking place online, so many children are missing the opportunity to interact with and learn from their peers. SER Math Workshop is a program that has been developed to help fill this void our children are experiencing. These online, small-group learning lessons are interactive, fun, and concept packed!

Introducing The Math Workshop!

How Does The Math Workshop Work?

SER Math Workshop is a six-week course led by one of our Special Education Experts. Working with a small group of 4-6 children from around the world these educators are hand-selected to provide children with the opportunity to work with peers of similar age/ability levels.

Similarly, the expert leading the course is carefully matched to a group matching their level of expertise!

Benefits Of The Math Workshop

The benefits of understanding the fundamentals in math are truly endless! Too often, children who don’t grasp math’s basic foundational skills spend their academic careers struggling as new concepts are introduced constantly! Our Math Workshop was created to meet a child where they are and build from that foundation… TOGETHER!

Included With The Math Workshop

Six –
Weekly Sessions

Fun, interactive, and

  1. Each session is designed to promote accountability in math concepts.
  2. Each session is fun, interactive, and engaging for children who struggle with math.
  3. Fosters the desire to become independent in, and enjoy math again!
Each Session Is Lead By A Special Education Expert

Receive specialized

  1. Each instructor is trained and experienced in working with children who struggle with math
  2. Offers the ability for children to receive specialized instruction
  3. Understands the unique learning styles of children and customizes as needed

Total One-Time Cost: $119

Requirements Of The Math Workshop Participants

  1. Computer or Tablet
  2. Reliable Internet
  3. Webcam or Built-In Computer/Tablet Camera
  4. Audio
    1. Headset
    2. Computer Speakers And Microphone

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