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3 Key Benefits Tutoring Offers That Schools Cannot

By: McKenzie Wickham, M.S.Ed, on March 13

As a special education teacher, I witness the struggles that children endure and the lack of resources that schools are able to provide to serve these students on a daily basis.

I see the frustration in the parent’s eyes when their child is not making progress and negative behaviors are continuing.

I feel defeated as a teacher because I believe I should be doing more for these children, but with the lack of support and funding, my reach is limited.

There have been many nights I’ve laid awake thinking about students and trying to figure out what else I could do to help them grow and succeed.

Since joining SpecialEdTutoring.com, I have found that are benefits of tutoring that schools simply cannot provide.

1. One-On-One Support

Tutoring offers one on one support and an individualized learning experience.

There may be times that your child needs one-on-one support in the classroom, but due to the lack of staff and resources, they are simply unable to receive that support. Even though children in special education have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan), that does not mean every part of their learning experience is individualized

Many special educaion teachers have to teach in moderate sized groups instead of teaching individually due to the number of students on their caseloads. Through online tutoring with SpecialEdTutoring.com, your child will have one-on-one support from a dedicated special education teacher.

Their learning experience will be completely individualized to address their needs and capitalize on strengths.

2. Positive Atmosphere For Learning

The atmosphere of a typical class room can be stressful for children. The pace of instruction and transition, day to day, can be very fast and overwhelming.

In many cases, children have difficulty keeping up with the demands of the classroom which can become frustrating for the child. Children that continuously fall behind risk slipping through the cracks as teachers are unable to slow the pace down for each child individually.

Online tutoring allows the students to make progress at their own pace. In tutoring sessions, nothing is timed, there are no tests, and there is minimal rush for your child to complete their work.

Children are able to review lessons and learn new concepts at their own pace. This gives your child more confidence in their ability to learn, provides specific skill building, and the confidence to move ahead. You will notice a decrease in frustration, anger, and discouragement through individualized lessons.

3. Improvements In Academic Performance, Retention And Personal Growth

If your child is struggling in the classroom, there may not be enough time in the day for the teacher to individually assess and provide intervention to each child’s areas of need.

As a benefit of online tutoring, a teacher is able to help your child with reinforcement of subject matter and/or assist with homework. Through providing one-on-one attention and instruction from the tutor, your child’s performance will increase and confidence will build.

You will see your child spending more time remaining on-task when doing their homework. The personalized attention and increased time spent on-task can alleviate the pressures and possibility of conflict that can occur when completing homework with a parent.

In addition, many schools have cut out summer school programs and/or have limited the amount of children that may attend summer school.

Children may be prone to decreased retention of learned skills if they are not reinforced over the break. Online tutoring enables uninterrupted stimulation and growth to continue through any break that happens at school.

Skills acquisition is maintained, thus, a greater chance of mastery with continued practice.

Tutoring is a great tool to help your child achieve their academic and social potential. Daily support is given to each child at their own pace and skill level, which is often overlooked in the classroom setting.

This support will give your child the tools they need to thrive in their educational career and life.

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