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“My first impression was….”

“My 8 year old son with learning disabilities was really struggling with math despite being on IEP and all the extra time we spent trying to help him. We were skeptical about on line tutoring but decided to give it a try for the sake of convenience. My first impression was that his on line tutor was very professional, a great teacher and very encouraging and energetic. Most importantly I am thrilled with the progress my son has made in just a few short months, it has exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend specialedresources.com.“

– Maria H.

“So impressed….”

“So impressed with the dedication and patience given to my special needs child! The tutor is always trying new and innovative ways to teach him difficult concepts. And to top it off, my son thinks it all a game and looks forward to his tutoring sessions. Thank you specialedresource!“

– Mona F.

“….overwhelmingly positive”

“Our experience with tutoring by specialedresource has been overwhelmingly positive. Doing lessons online in our home remotely works into our day so easily. Our tutor Diana has really performed exceptionally as well. She is knowledgeable not only of the subject matter, but in how to impart that knowledge to our daughter. Every child has “good days” and “bad days,” but Diana handles that seesaw very well, adjusting her technique as needed. I couldn’t be happier!“

– Elizabeth W.

“I highly recommend….”

“I’m so happy that I found special ed resources! My older son is 13 years old and struggles with math. At first I thought this was different and let’s see how this could actually work, so I gave it a try and it has been the best for my son. It is only 30 minutes and it is not intimidating. Diana has been so patient and truly understands how my son is able to learn. I highly recommend giving this program a try. It is convenient and very affordable. I could go on but then you would have a novel! Lol”

– Carrie Ann C.

“Special Ed is extraordinary!”

“Special Ed is extraordinary! Suzie matched my 12-year old with a wonderful tutor. She was able to create a close connection with him within a very short time, seems to completely understand his emotional ups and downs, and has a mixture of patience and discipline that gets him to do on a consistent basis the thing he likes to do least: reading. In a short time, his reading fluency has improved and his teachers tell me that lately, he doesn’t shy away from reading out loud in class which he never did before.“

– Eva S.

“We are rejoicing!”

“Suzie, I am in tears of joy. I am hoping you can cut and paste this text to post on your webpage. Isaiah has beyond improved in English Language Arts as shown in the pictures I sent! As of last year he was at a 1st grade level. In which now he is leveling out at a 4th grade level. I have to thank you for your compassionate heart and for caring on your calling and helping special educational students. Isaiah has improved 3 times the grade level in 1yr. We are rejoicing! Thank you SO much! As a mother my heart is overwhelmed with joy.”

– Ashlie M.

“I love Suzie….”

“In November of 2015 our family moved from Philadelphia, Pa to Fairfax County Virginia. I was expecting the transition would be difficult for my son 7 year old son who at 2 years old was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder but I never could have imagined how much the transition would effect his performance in school. Joseph was struggling with reading comprehension and math. Through a Google search we found SpecialEdResource (SpecialEdTutoring’s Parent Company). I must admit I was extremely hesitant to commit to online tutoring. I didn’t think my son had the attention span for a virtual tutor but we decided to give it a try. In December of 2015 my son started tutoring with Suzie two times a week and when I tell you this kid looks forward to his sessions that is an understatement. Suzie customizes her lesson plans to reflect my son’s interests. My son LOVES music so each math lesson plan revolves around his favorite musical artists. He is actually having fun as he learns and his teachers confirm my son is making progress. Joseph gets the opportunity to earn prizes and he looks forward to receiving his rewards in the mail from Suzie. I think the one thing I truly appreciate the most about Suzie is she has a genuine concern for my son’s development and wellbeing. I wanted to incorporate my son’s thoughts in this testimonial so I asked him why do you like tutoring with Suzie, his words not mine he said “I love Suzie because she is sweet, fun and patient“

– Billie V.

“….this wonderful program”

“Well I don’t know where to start and where to end. My son was struggling with math and not being social in school. I saw him struggle in these areas. I was searching online to find tutors to help with at least his math, I came across the Specialedresource online I was skeptical but at the same time relieved because I work a lot of hours and don’t have any time to wait for a tutor to come to our house to have him tutored. So I answered a few questions on the site and a tutor by the name of Suzie called me immediately to talk about my concerns that my child was having. Suzie made me feel so comfortable and she is honestly very genuine. I mentioned to my son that he was going to be tutored by suzie. I was worried he wouldn’t like it. But I can’t tell you enough it’s been over a year and my son loves her and always looks forward to seeing Suzie. She is loving, patient, and very concerned in his success with learning. Suzie makes it so much fun and it’s never boring! She is always there for the student as well as the parent(s). Suzie constantly encourages my son and always with positive feedback. I can go on and on about this wonderful program. Believe me you will not regret it. You will notice the difference in your child and you will be truly happy that you did it for your child, and a peace of mind for us parents.My son loves her. I don’t have any regrets with doing online tutoring. Suzie, is awesome! Thank you so much, Suzie we love you!!“

– Nora F.

“….absolutely awesome tutor!”

“Suzie is an absolutely awesome tutor! She has such patience with our son who has ADHD as well as speech deficits. She breaks the work down and repeats it as often as needed. She takes the time to know him well. We appreciate her approach and academic skills but more importantly her personality is incredible! She’s up beat and always excited. She even flows right along with what the teacher is doing at school. She has such amazing internet tools which is very engaging. In addition, Suzie is flexible and really works with us in regards to the schedule. She is very accommodating. We are very happy and satisfied with her work with our son!”

– Lori D.


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