Homeschooling Experience Customized To YOUR Child

Designed For "Normal Parents!"

Providing Individual Attention And Lazer Focused Guidance

If you are like most parents, you simply want what’s best for your child! The unfortunate truth is that too many schools don’t have the internal resources to allow for the individualized attention each child often NEEDS to reach their full potential!

Designed For "Normal Parents!"


However, understanding the critical aspects of teaching someone who has a unique style of learning is often the furthest thing from easy!

The question becomes, is it possible to have the 100% individualized attention that comes with Homeschooling, with the intensely focused expert guidance that special educators have to offer?!

The answer is - YES!

This intersection is our sweet spot… let me explain.

Homeschool Program Details

Combining Individualized Academics and Parent Partnership

Our homeschool program

Combines an intense focus on academic foundational challenges and consumable feedback in assisting parents with common homeschool challenges. The reality is that almost 100% of children today have at least SOME missing foundational aspects from their academic history.

In other words, if you find your child struggling with grade-level math or reading, the problem is most commonly due to a skill that wasn’t fully absorbed in a preceding grade. For example, you need to fully understand multiplication before you can independently tackle algebra!

In addition, unless you have a degree in special education and experience understanding the individual learning style of your child… it’s near impossible to figure out exactly how to correctly fix these foundational pieces!

This is where our parent partnership homeschooling programs become so powerful!

We work hard to;

  1. Understand the specific learning style and needs of YOUR child.
  2. Create a progress plan that works to maximize your child’s attention span
  3. Closely communicate all aspects of your child’s learning with YOU… Including;
    1. Email summary after each and every session
    2. Guidance on different techniques or methods of teaching that WORK
    3. Suggestions regarding the curriculum that makes sense for your child
    4. Answers to your most difficult questions
    5. Positive Reinforcement to further foster an optimistic learning environment
  4. Consistently pivot our approach based on your child’s progress

I could go on, but I think you get the idea!

Designed For "Normal Parents!"

A Family Of Educators, Who Understand

For over eight years, we have helped thousands of children and adults with special needs reach their excellence!

The reality is if you are on this page… you are part of a growing number of parents who have decided to take the education of your child into your own hands. This is NOT an easy decision and is often made as a last resort or due to a “final straw” scenario that has taken place.

Maybe it was the debacle of the 2019-2021 timeframe we all lived through. Maybe it was one too many IEP meetings that didn’t seem to address the core challenges your child is facing. Or, you feel strongly that an individualized approach that YOU control will provide the best possible outcome for your child…

No matter the reason, this program is designed to be a partnership between you and a member of our expert special education team! Nothing gets implemented without direct communication with you…

This entire organization was created by Luke and Suzie, who, back in 2014, recognized therereally wasn’t a place designed and tailored to children who have a unique way of learning. Their own son closely matches that description and, in fact, is now homeschooled as a result of many things mentioned above.

So much of what this program is modeled after directly comes from their personal experiences trying to find the best overall fit for their son!

Interested in exploring more?

The first step is a simple phone call to gather very specific information about your child.

This information includes;

  1. Granular details about the challenging areas your child currently faces
  2. A deep dive into your child’s interests and strengths (This is the information used to help hold engagement, boost learning, and ensure your child actually WANTS to attend sessions).
  3. Discussion about the goals you have for your child
    Lastly, of course, answer any and all questions YOU have

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Designed For "Normal Parents!"

Think Differently About Education.

We Believe…

All children are born with the innate ability to reach their OWN excellence.

That a growing group of children don’t fully prosper in overpopulated classrooms.

Through technology and one on one learning, their future path to success can be made clear again.