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Do you feel hopelessly DRAINED by a never-ending search to find ANYTHING or ANYONE that could help your child build self-confidence and gain academic independence

For almost a decade, we have helped thousands of children and adults obtain both! Not to mention… bringing hope to parents who often feel like they are alone in this struggle!

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Our son’s teacher gave him the confidence and ability to trust another adult. He went from only being able to focus for 5 – 10 minutes, and after just five sessions, we didn’t have to be in the room because he was able to do the full 30 minutes BY HIMSELF! She totally changed his trajectory for being able to learn again!

I just thank the team at so much for giving us the starting path and trajectory for him to learn and stabilize him both in academics and confidence! We didn’t have hope. We were beaten down. We had been called names. We felt hopeless. Luke paired us with an incredible teacher, and our lives have forever been changed! The team at gave us hope back!!!

~Mandi (7th Grade Son)


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Our laser-focused initiative at is to help children and adults regain self-confidence and achieve the academic independence they deserve!

Our entire team is made up of the BEST Special Educators the U.S. has to offer… 


Summer Regression is a VERY misunderstood topic! Recent studies have shown that by eliminating all academics over the summer, your child could lose up to 40% of the information they gained over the prior school year!

One of our incredible Special Education Experts, Mary, recently put her thoughts together in our latest blog post…

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