As you may have imagined...

Based on the current widespread use of virtual learning in school… many parents have questions regarding how our small-group classes differ from what their children are experiencing in schools.


Because so many virtual classrooms are NOT working for children!

Here are some of the most frequent questions we encounter;

By working with each child as the individual they are! Our educators are skilled at holding the engagement of individual children while facilitating high levels of interaction within the group. Classes do not consist of an instructor giving long lectures, they are interactive AND fun for children of all ages!

One Word; FUN! I know this is a novel concept today, but the reason most children struggle with online learning is the fact that most of it is boring! Our classes are crafted specifically to include fun age-appropriate activities that bolster learning, and the ability to work TOGETHER in a group setting!

YES! Our educators are all trained and experienced in special education. This means that they have the ability to create an interactive group environment while honing in on individual foundational needs! If you’re looking for a heavier focus on foundational skills, we also have one-on-one special educators that can help! For more information on these programs, please visit us at SpecialEdTutoring.com.

All of our educators are trained in the world of special education. Being that we are a huge proponent of experience, our educators have an extensive background of teaching in classrooms where the focus is always the individual needs of children!

Depending on the class, certain items may be requested by your child’s teacher. These are typically things that are commonly found around the home. In the case of our Book Clubs, the book is always included and shipped directly to your home (This may be different for families outside of the U.S.) *See Below

This is an individualized scenario. If you have access to Amazon, we most often will have you order the book and reimburse you for the cost (via PayPal). In other situations, we will work with you directly to figure out a solution.