Our Story

In today’s world...

Children are regressing in academics faster than ever before. In addition, in large part to the isolation caused by constant school closures, many children find themselves falling behind in the vital area of social skills development! 

We have spent the past seven years working online with children whose primary challenge is their ability to focus long enough to engage in learning. 

In other words, we’ve perfected the skill of helping children with special needs increase their academic ability in the online world through our tutoring platform, SpecialEdTutoring.com. 

Due to the isolation caused by lockdowns, parents began reaching out to us, asking if we had a solution to their child’s waning social skills.

The question was… is it possible to combine our skills of individualized instruction with the power found in group learning?

The answer is YES!

Today, we offer a wide range of programs all focused on two critical aspects;

Helping build foundational skills so often lacking in children with learning challenges.
Creating an online environment that fosters group interaction AND fun-learning activities!

From our famous all-inclusive book clubs to courses designed to build social skills, we have perfected the art of online learning for groups of children who otherwise can’t seem to focus on any one thing for longer than 10 minutes!

We look forward to helping your child reach their excellence!